Heath Tip

Wearing Sunglasses

More often than not when you're out windsurfing the weather will be bright so it is essential to get yourself a good pair of sunglasses to prevent eye damage. Even on dull, overcast days you should still wear sunglasses as explained by the health tip below.

  • number 1 Water reflects a large percentage of harmful rays back upwards. Even when the sun is behind clouds UV rays still get through; therefore there is always the potential for eye damage. When you think that harmful rays are now not only reaching your eyes directly but also from rays reflected off the water around you, the risk of eye damage can be more than doubled.
  • number 2 Make sure that your sunglasses are not scratched, if they are then it is time to get a new pair !

When looking to buy a pair of shades it is advisable to buy ones that wrap around your head, eliminating light from getting in via the sides. It is also very advisable to buy some good sunglass cords, nothing is more annoying than wiping out and surfacing from the water less a pair of shades.

BLOC shades are excellent for windsurfing (WaterTrader particularly like the "stingray" model). They cost around £30 but offer very high protection and as far as we are concerned there isn't a price you can put on your sight.