The second boat

The Viewings Part 2

It's almost 1pm, and I'm on my way to see the second boat on my list; a 17.5FT sports cruiser.

When I arrive at the house where it is stored, I am confronted by what is obviously a boat, but covered in a huge blue sheet and tied-down in multiple places to the bottom of the trailer.

The owner sees me arrive, and after a quick handshake he begins to remove the cover.

This is more like it. A relatively modern looking boat (compared to the last one at least). It obviously has a cabin, and also a cool metal bar running around the bow, like a miniature Titanic!

It is so clean, I cannot believe it. Almost like it has never seen water. The owner tells me that it has recently been refurbished, and although he did all the work himself, it sure looks like a fine job. He used anti-mold carpeting (sounds good), it has new seats and steering.

He also spent some time telling me that he has had the engine balanced. I had to query this, as it was a new one to me; apparently balancing means fixing the outboard engine to exactly the centre of the boat (at the back of course), so as to perfectly align the steering and avoid any pull at high speeds.

He also told me that the boat easily reaches the plane (Where the front of the boat lifts out of the water at speed and flies through the water with minimum friction, and hence more speed)

The trailer also looks good. A twin axle trailer, with legal tyres and painted in hammerite. No rust in site.

The boat also has everything it said in the advertisement. The fish-finder was impressive, having a large backlit screen with animated pictures of fish in different sizes. Connected to this were various attachments around the boat which gave different readings such as depth, current speed, distance travelled so far etc. It was cool!

Overall, if I had to choose already, this boat wins hands down.

But, there is one more boat to go, and after an hour and a half spent with this boat and it's owner I have to drive quickly to make the next appointment!