The last boat

The last boat was closer than I thought. Or maybe I didn't realise how far it was because I was busy thinking about the other two, and worrying what the guys back at the office will think.

I knew I had the right place as soon as I arrived. The screen on this boat was almost covered with a large sign saying "FOR SALE". The price shown was different from the price I saw advertised. It said £1500, whereas my ad said £1300. Curious.

The house stood out even more than the boat itself. It was a pre-war council house and amazingly had black marks above the upstairs windows as if there had recently been a fire inside! However the windows looked new! Upon approaching the front door I was confronted by a guy wearing a dark grey vest and a pair of old tatty jeans; he must have seen me arrive. It must have been nearly a week since the guy had bothered to shave. He simply said "Boat?"; I simply replied "Yes".

I decided not to ask about the windows.

The boat looked ok. The engine was certainly a large lump, but the cover was nowhere to be seen. I asked about this and the guy replied "I don't have it, but it works without it no probs".

Yeah, right.

Despite this obvious downer, I do not know how much these covers are to buy, and I wasn't about to walk away when they might be real cheap to replace. I was here to learn, so maybe I could at least pick up some advice from the owner.

When I looked inside the cabin, the interior was appauling. Tears here, black marks there. Forget this. I might well be an amateur but if I took this back to the office they would laugh their heads off!

In the end, I did not learn anything apart from confirmation that there are definitely good and bad deals out there.

I have decided not to go for this boat; not because I didn't like the owner, but rather than the owner obviously didn't give a monkeys about the boat. He had never even taken it onto the water. He did a deal with his friend to get the boat - swapped an old car for it. When he got it back to his house, he decided he couldn't be bothered with the hasslt of towing it. "The kids have had more use out of it than we have" he said.

I could tell that by the crayon marks on the cabin door.

Enough said.

Oh well, it's back to the office for a think.