All about Frank

Hi, I'm Frank.

I work in the Technical Support Department here at WaterTrader. I have always considered boating but have never taken the plunge (bad pun).

Well now the lovely guys and gals in the office have given me £1500 cash and told me to go out and buy the first WaterTrader boat. Boy, what a job!

The first thing I will do is to find out what type of boats are available, and try and make a short-list of the ones I am interested in. I've just rumaged around the WaterTrader offices and have found many boating magazines which run advertisements of second hand boats (I obviously won't be able to buy anything new for £1500!)

I am also scouring the web, including WaterTrader for something suitable - There are too many boats, it's already given me brain drain!

After almost a day of research, I have made a shortlist of the sort of thing I think would be suitable. I must admit, I did spend a couple of hours reading the beginners guide to boating etc. It was very useful; and I'm not just saying that because I work here; I feel less of a novice because of it!